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Having spent most of my professional life in New York City, I am now fulfilling my dream of working in the Hamptons and opening my home design boutique. It has come full circle from my years of converting rental buildings to co-op’s that culminated into renovating the apartments into lovely updated and modern units for sale. 

Through the years I worked for most of the top real estate developers in New York City and my role ran the gamut from the general contractor to decorating and furnishing the completed units for model apartments and corporate rentals, sometimes travelling between Florida, New York and Washington D.C.  This led to designing, purchasing materials and acting as G.C. for lobbies and corridors for some of New York’s premier buildings. 
Private residences at this time took a back seat but I kept the same private clients for many years renovating their homes and decorating their primary residences, vacation homes and redoing them over the years when necessary. 
(don’t ask me how many years because I won’t tell you).  

Photo by my Granddaughter Stella

After many successful years, these clients allowed me free reign and I did not have to show every piece of material and wood and stone for approval and that was fine with me. 
I feel this way about design:  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, I am sure they must have been talking about interior design when they made this quote.
The first item of business for me is to find out what my client likes, loves, what she/he dislikes (I am not a believer in the theory that my ideas on the direction of the interiors of their home is the only way) and we go from there.  To my knowledge, I have never had an unhappy client.
With Terry Ford Interiors, I have spent considerable time in searching out items that are interesting, eclectic and that will fit into most interiors adding to their ambiance, items that I love and hope that you will love them too.  
Stop by and see me, have a cup of tea or coffee and have a chat about design, about your design problems and we will find solutions that will make you another happy client.

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